In the interest of openness and transparency (not in the expectation that anyone will read my blog) here is some information about myself:

  • I am semi retired.
  • I have always shown an unhealthy interest in current affairs and am particularly concerned about the lack* of rational, reasoned, evidence based debate in UK politics.
  • If I was forced to answer to a political persuasion I would say that I am a social democrat but would want another page to explain what that meant.
  • 1981 – 1988 active member of Social Democratic Party (SDP)
  • 1988 – 2010 member of Liberal Democrats
  • 2010 resigned from LibDems in disgust vowing to have nothing to do with UK politics ever again.
  • 2010 started this blog.
  • 2013 against my better judgement but out of desperation to avoid yet more damaging Tory government I joined the local Labour Party – decent people fighting a hopeless battle and tragically undermined by a useless Labour leadership.
  • July 2014 volunteered to help local Labour Party with their web site.
  • Left Labour party feeling disillusioned and disenfranchised. June 2015 [1]
  • I have voted in every general election since 1974.  No candidate I have voted for has ever won a seat in Parliament.

Any views I express in this blog are mine and are independent of my membership of any organisation or any employer.

I do not intend to cause unnecessary offence. If I do cause offence, or I make a factual error or display faulty logic or infringe someone’s copyright, please email me at colindlawson@googlemail.com and I will be happy to amend my blog accordingly.

Colin Lawson, UK      July 2014

[1] (2015 General election campaign) It was particularly galling that during the General Election, and later, during the party leadership campaign, little effort was made by Labour party leaders to counter the barrage of lies and false statistics from the Tories and their friends in the media [2]. Worse, some Labour leaders even acquiesced in the myth that Labour had caused the financial crisis. Labour deserved to lose the 2015 election, but the people of the UK did not deserve an unfettered Tory government based on a mandate of only one third of the vote.

[2]   Banking failure NOT public expenditure created the financial crash and UK Debt:     http://www.reasonandreality.org/?p=4137

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