HMRC boss Dave Hartnett receives a life time achievement award for “Services to Corporate Tax Avoidance”

HMRC boss Dave Hartnett is the man responsible for doing dodgy deals with Vodafone, Goldman Sachs and other large corporations that have cost the taxpayer billions in lost revenue. He has just retired on a generous pension having suffered no consequences whatsoever for given away billions of pounds of our money. Ordinary hard working families are bearing the brunt of the government austerity measures because people like this believe that “only the little people pay taxes” or in a more modern idiom “only the plebs pay taxes”.

This video shows Hartnett receiving his  life time achievement award for “Services to Corporate Tax Avoidance” during a speech at a Key Haven Publications tax planning (avoidance??) conference at New College Oxford on Thursday.

Some quotes from those present:

“we’ll set the dogs on you!”

“Trespassing scum”

(Turns out these quotes were the response of Robert Venables QC, to a peaceful demonstration.)

Clearly the establishment does not like being exposed.

NB I do not know anything more about the “Black tie activists” than what is shown on the video but they are clearly doing a useful job here in exposing the dishonesty and hypocrisy rampant in certain parts of our society.  Anyone know any more??

The former head of the UK’s tax collection agency should not just be attending a conference to promote that fine euphemism, “tax planning” (James Meadway,  NEF 27th Sept 2012)

Only the little people pay taxes

UPDATE: here is a link to an article by Stephen Reid who is an economic justice campaigner and is one of the authors of the little ruse above – make sure you click the link and read the whole story:

Were UK Uncut right to bounce Dave Hartnett? (Tax Research UK)

Final comment: if tax abuse was tackled we wouldn’t need cuts

Late Extra:The “Intruders” The same team have been at it again. This time intruding on the The Investment Banking Awards  to give an award for one of 2012’s most profitable scams, i.e. the bankers’ ‘innovative’ approach to a key interest rate called LIBOR.  Watch the video.  “If you are not outraged you are not paying attention”

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