You couldn’t make it up – Murdoch comments on ignorant vicious abuse and social decay.

Here is an amusingly ironic Tweet from the person who has had such a devastating effect on public life and debate. He has been responsible (with the complicity of most of our leading politicians) for the corruption of our political system from Margaret Thatcher to the present day. His newspapers and TV Channel, Fox News, have  had a significant, probably pivotal, role in undermining public debate and have encouraged, by example, a level of ignorant, vicious,  abuse that has had a serious and negative effect on the quality of government.

This Tweet must go in the “you couldn’t make it up” category. It is quite clear that Murdoch actually believes what he has written which must make him clinically delusional.  (Does Murdoch watch Fox News or read the Sun??)

Jon Snow managed to say all the above and more, with real impact and in just ten words, using a biblical quotation – brilliant.

Murdoch / Jon Snow Tweet
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