BBC Wiltshire MORNING SHOW with Conservative MP for Salisbury John Glen


















John Glen is very keen to support constituents who don’t want wind farms near their properties but in this question and answer session on BBC Wiltshire local radio he failed to give the same support to those constituents who might have similar objections to fracking.

You can listen to the answer at this link, just move the slider to:   01:31:20  (Unfortunately this is no longer available on the BBC web site).

The question was clear and simple. It did not compare the pros and cons of the two technologies. The question simply asked Mr Glen to assure us that he would give the same support to his constituents worried about fracking as he had already promised to constituents worried about wind turbines.  That assurance was not forthcoming.

The reality is that the government wants to give local communities the power to reject wind farms but not fracking projects.

So much for the government’s “Localism Agenda”. In plain English this means that local communities are free to make their own decision only if those decisions coincide with government plans.

Summary (a text book example  of double standards and irrationality):

John Glen is against wind farms, against subsidising wind farms and in favour of giving local councils powers to reject wind farms.

John Glen is in favour of: fracking, in favour of subsidising fracking and in favour of giving local councils a financial incentive to approve fracking.

 Latest opinion poll results:
support for windfarms etc



Full letter from MPs to David Cameron on wind power subsidies:


“Blow for George Osborne as Tory council chiefs oppose fracking in Chancellor’s constituency”:

Fossil fuel generators get six times the constraint payments that wind does. But it doesn’t get reported. (H/T Wiltshire Clean Air Alliance):

Barra turbine could be one of most productive in Western Europe:

Emails reveal UK helped shale gas industry manage fracking opposition – Government officials accused of cheerleading for fracking by sharing ‘lines to take’ and meeting for post-dinner drinks:

UK defeats European bid for fracking regulations – blocks attempts to make environmental safeguards legally binding:

UPDATE 6th March 2014): Eric Pickles guilty of ‘double standards’ over energy planning applications:

Global Warming and Climate Change: The Reality

If you thought that cold weather in the UK meant that global warming isn’t happening, take a look at this (it shows temperature compared to the 20th Century average for the period Jan – May 2013):
201301-201305Check here for the latest monthly info:



If you thought that articles in the Mail or Telegraph claiming that temperatures haven’t increased for over ten years meant that we can discount global warming, take a look at this graph of global surface temperature change since 1970.

The animated graph shows how easy it is to show cooling, or no change in temperature, where there are large short temperature fluctuations but warming is still the long term trend.



See here for more:

We haven’t hit the global warming pause button:


Leveson, Global Warming and the Lies of James Delingpole and the Daily Mail

One aspect of the Leveson inquiry that has been played down but is as important as the corrupt relationship between media and politicians is the lack of ethical or professional accountability of the press. There is no doubt that some of our national news papers have a scant regard for truth and honesty in their presentation of news and opinion.  In fact they are often little more than propaganda outlets for their owners, resulting in such levels of misinformation that it is almost impossible to have a sensible public debate on many issues.

Once such issue is Global Warming where papers like the Daily Mail and Daily Telegraph (and phony think tanks like Nigel Lawson’s Global Warming Policy Forum) have waged a particularly poisonous and vicious campaign to undermine not just climate science but science and rational debate in general.  In both papers there are a number of writers who have no qualms about misrepresenting facts and often simply lying.

Today  the latest example of this phenomenon is an article by James Delingpole in the Daily Mail about a report from the UK Met Office.  In his usual style Delingpole misrepresents or lies about nearly every aspect of the report.  In a civilised, democratic,  rational society, Delingpole and the Mail would be held to account and forced to issue a retraction and apology.

Unfortunately this is unlikely to happen, the Leveson report has been kicked into the long grass by David Cameron and the lies and deceit of the Mail and Delingpole will continue to poison any attempt at rational debate about climate science.

In the words of Winston Churchill (who stole them from Baptist preacher C. H. Spurgeon (19th C)  “A lie will be halfway round the world before the truth has got its boots on”

Here is the Delingpole article in the Daily Mail

Here is the Met Office’s response:

Resolving Confusion Over the Met Office Statement and Continued Global Warming  (Skeptical Science)

Was there ANYTHING in James Delingpole’s Daily Mail piece which was true?

 Met Office hits back at ‘inaccuracies’ in James Delingpole article (David Batty, Friday 11 January 2013)

BBC Radio 4 ‘Today’ programme admits that it got the science wrong – yet again.  The editor and John Humphrys need to do a GCSE science Course – little hope of that.



Politics, Science and Evidence Based Policy

Politicians must not elevate mere opinion over science: Over the Christmas period an article by Brian Cox and Robin Ince in the New Statesman sparked an interesting and refreshing discussion about the nature of science and its relation to politics.  The Cox – Ince article summarises the issues in layman’s terms and made the conclusions seem self evident. I found it impossible to disagree with any of their points.

Jack Stilgoe and Jon Butterworth both wrote critiques of the article which are well worth reading as are some of the accompanying comments.  (Good to see a mainly intelligent, thoughtful on line debate.)  However despite carefully studying these articles and responses I could not avoid the conclusion that the authors either misinterpreted what Cox- Ince were saying or were just nitpicking around the periphery of the issues.  Both well worth reading though.

Anther excellent article was Kenneth Perrott’s defence of  Cox – Ince.

Evidence-Based Policy: Immediately after Christmas a Twitter discussion about evidence based policy was initiated by a BBC R4 programme (Ben Goldacre’s Bad Evidence) in which Medic and author Ben Goldacre explores the idea of Evidence-Based Policy and asks if it can ever become a reality in the UK.  This is essential listening for all politicians and anyone interested in the issues.  I have added some useful additional links on evidence based policy at the end of this post.

Two cultures: This is another radio programme broadcast early in the new year that is worth listening to:  BBC R4 “The Two Cultures”.  Melvyn Bragg considers the 150-year history of the Two Cultures debate. In 1959 the novelist C.P. Snow delivered a lecture in Cambridge suggesting that intellectual life had become divided into two separate cultures: the arts and the humanities. This is still a problem today.  Includes an interview with Paul Nurse.

Cox – Ince articles and critiques:
Brian Cox and Robin Ince: Politicians must not elevate mere opinion over science (New Statesman 18th Dec 2012)
Jack Stilgoe: Science and politics need counselling, not a separation  (Friday 21 December 2012)
Jon Butterworth: Science is not political, except when it is (Wednesday 26 December 2012)
Historians and sociologists lecture scientists – about science (Ken Perrott, 27th Dec 2012)

The BBC R4 programme on Evidence Based Policy:
BBC R4 programme (Ben Goldacre’s Bad Evidence)

Further links on Evidence Based Policy:
Test, Learn, Adapt: Developing Public Policy with Randomised Controlled Trials (Cabinet office 14/6/2012)
LSE Blog on evidence based policy by Jeremy Hardie and Nancy Cartwrigh(19th Oct 2012)
National Institute of Economic and Social Research(
Innovations for Poverty Action and Dean Karlan (
Medical Research Council (
The Education Endowment Foundation(

BBC R4 Radio programme “The Two Cultures”:
BBC R4 “The Two Cultures”

Our Government is cutting spending on flood defences, coastguards, helicopters, rescue services, & local services. Who will rescue flooded communities in the future?

Flood defences:

At a time of increasing flood risk our government has cut back spending on current and future flood defences, as well as cutting back on the rescue services, coast guard etc.  There is no evidence that A4E, Serco, Capita, Virgin or any of the foreign owned water companies are going to step in and look after our flood defences without tax payers footing the bill and directors awarding themselves million pound bonuses for simply doing their job, or not, as so frequently happens.

We are already seeing results of this where promised flood defences have not been completed in time for the current wet weather.

In its enthusiasm to deregulate, the government has allowed the construction industry and property developers to write their own revision to the planning regulations allowing them greater freedom to construct housing when and where it suits them, which could, as in the past,  include flood plains and other areas susceptible to flooding. This of course would hold no risk to the developers, the risk being born mainly by homeowners and then by the tax payer.  (As climate change and increased risk of domestic flooding becomes apparent insurance companies are refusing to re-insure homes in flood prone areas)

For more information check these links:

John Vidal: The rain falls – while the government pulls the plug on flood defences  (The Guardian, Friday 28 December 2012)

Damian Carrington: Hundreds of UK flood defence schemes unbuilt due to budget cuts (The Guardian, Saturday 14 July 2012)

Matt Ridley – failed banker and rightwing neolibertarian propagandist.

“Matthew White Ridley, 5th Viscount Ridley, FRSL, FMedSci, DL, known commonly as Matt Ridley, is a British scientist, journalist, and popular author and a member of the House of Lords.”  Sounds impressive doesn’t it? Now read on:

Hereditary Viscount, Mathew Ridley (The Rational Optimist) is promoted as “a renowned science writer, journalist, biologist, and businessman”. But what is carefully whitewashed out of his biography is the information that Matthew Ridley is a “failed banker”. Ridley was chairman* of the Northern Rock Bank (2004-2007) where his ill-considered investments in sub-prime mortgages led to the bank’s collapse and nationalization.  When it collapsed it suffered the first run on a British bank in 150 years and contributed to the near melt down of the financial system of the western world. The result was that this neolibertarian propagandist who believes in small government and low taxes had to go to the government and tax payer for a £27 billion bailout.

(* Note: his father had been chairman of Northern Rock before him so I guess Matt Ridley’s  Chairmanship at the bank  was another hereditary position – there is certainly no record of him getting the position through merit)

Although Ridley has a science degree he has never, to my knowledge, been a working scientist and has no expertise in Climate science and yet writes as if he is an authority on this subject.

Matt Ridley ruined Northern Rock.  Fred Goodwin ruined the Royal Bank of Scotland.  Fred Goodwin’s career is in tatters, he seems to have gone to ground and no one is asking his advice on anything and yet Matt Ridley seems to have no trouble getting his articles published, why?  Perhaps it is not the veracity of what he has to say but simply what he says that suits those right wing organisations that seem so keen to publish his work.

Before taking Ridley seriously, consider all those investors and employees of Northern Rock who have, and in many cases still are, suffering real financial hardship because of his incompetence, hubris and failed neolibertarian ideology.

Would you trust someone who, after a lifetime of privilege and entitlement, had caused the first run on a British Bank in over 150 years and then went to the tax payer for a £27 billion bailout?

UPDATE: (6th Feb 2013) Hereditary Viscount,  Matt Ridley, failed banker, ex Chair of failed Northern Rock, has been elected as hereditary Peer to the House of Lords by 24 hereditary peers.   21st Century?? Reward for failure?? Old boys club?? Member of the 1%.  Democracy???

UPDATE: (20th Nov 2013) The list of failed bankers who had managed to get top jobs in banking despite having no relevant prior experience gets longer by the week.   Here are the ones I know about: Andy Hornby (HBOS), Matt Ridley (Northern Rock), Fred Goodwin (RBS) and now Rev Paul Flowers (COOP BANK) all  managed to crash their bank – brilliant.  I dare say there are more – we probably only have to wait a week or two find out.


 UPDATE (18th Oct 2013): Matt Ridley has published yet another of his irrationally optimistic articles “Why climate change is good for the world” This has, as usual, been taken up enthusiastically by the right wing press so here is a useful rebuttal:
“Lord Ridley’s flawed article in ‘The Spectator'” ( Bob Ward, London School of Economics, Grantham Institute, Oct 2013):

See also:

“What Matt Ridley won’t tell you about climate change impacts” (17 October 2013 by Chris Hope)

“No, climate change will not be good for the world” (Duncan Geere New Statesman 17 OCTOBER 2013):

UPDate (March 2014):  “Climate Forecast: Muting the Alarm” in the Wall Street Journal is the latest disinformation from Matt Ridley.  Here is a response:  Matt Ridley op-ed is a laundry list of IPCC misrepresentations.


See the links below for more information on this so called ‘expert’:

Matt Ridley – Wired for Lukewarm Catastrophe (Skeptical Science 29 Aug 2012)

The Ridley Riddle Part One: The Red Queen (Skeptical Science 30 July 2011)

The Ridley Riddle Part Two: The White Queen (Skeptical Science 7 Aug 2011)

The Ridley Riddle Part Three: Like a Northern Rock (Skeptical Science 12 Aug 2011)

The Right’s Whitewashing Of History (Liam McLaughlin, Huffington Post, 10/09/2012)

Matt Ridley – The Man Who Wants to Northern Rock the Planet (George Monbiot June 1 2010)

Matt Ridley’s Rational Optimist is telling the rich what they want to hear – The ex-Northern Rock man is in denial about his book’s mistakes (George Monbiot, Guardian 18th June 2010)

If the Northern Rock fiasco was a morality tale, it was more about hubris than greed (Giles Fraser, The Guardian, Friday 14 September 2012)

“Cherry-picked reality: How fantasy is maintained by false scepticism” A critique of Matt Ridley’s “Rational Optimist” (warning – a lengthy article but worth reading if you have time) … (New Scientist 10th June 2010)

 UPDATE 24th July 2014: New article by George Monbiot illustrating once again the bankruptcy of the neo-liberal agenda:


Wiltshire Council ordered to consult public over wind farm plan

Some political groups have a problem with reality – it does not fit their ideology. Similarly they have a problem with public debate and democracy, which tend to hinder the passing of laws and regulations that cannot be backed up with evidence and rational argument.

And so:

On June 26th, with no prior consultation, Wiltshire Council voted through an amendment to Policy 42 of its Core Strategy Submission Document that will effectively prevent wind turbines from being built anywhere in Wiltshire.  It was claimed that this amendment was based on safety concerns but these have absolutely no basis in fact or reality.  This was an attempt at subverting democracy for ideological reasons.

Onshore wind is one of the safest forms of energy generation. There are no recorded cases of any member of the public being killed or seriously injured during the normal operation of a wind turbine.

Suggesting that safety was the reason for the amendment was, at best, disingenuous. (Click here for a fact and evidence based view of the safety issues)

Trying to slip the amendment through without consultation makes a mockery of the government’s ‘Localism’ agenda.

Luckily a planning inspector has told Wiltshire Council they must go back and consult the public.

If you would like to be involved in that consultation go to the Wiltshire Clean Energy Alliance and sign up to be kept informed about the process or just return here – I will post more information about the consultation when it is available).

There is obviously a debate to be had about siting of wind farms and some of this will be subjective but the technical side of the argument – safety, efficiency cost, environmental pros and cons etc., must be based on facts, evidence and rational debate not prejudice and ideology. Wiltshire Council have made a serious error of judgment in trying to slip through a doctrinaire policy amendment without consultation.  It is up to us to ensure that this is not repeated.

Anger over wind power strategy (Salisbury Journal, 22nd Aug 2012)

Wiltshire’s wind regulation: blowing evidence-based policymaking out of the window

Daily Telegraph & Daily Mail get Wind Farm Study 100% wrong

100 Tories revolt over Wind Farms part 2

100 Tories revolt over wind farms

The outrageous arrogance of Boris Johnson

This is just a quick comment on the staggering arrogance of Boris Johnson who, according to some reports, is planing on replacing David Cameron as PM and has the support of Rupert Murdoch.

Let’s remind ourselves that Murdoch is a non UK citizen, who does not pay UK income tax, but who has been shown to have corrupted UK politics and has exerted a power over UK politicians that has subverted our  democratic process. None of this is in doubt – the evidence was always there for those who were paying attention and is now 100% clear after the Levenson proceedings.

Murdoch’s papers  (among others) have clearly been involved in corrupt practices and there is even the case of Daniel Morgan, a private investigator who was said to have been close to exposing important police corruption when he was murdered in a pub car park. The News of the World was directly or indirectly involved in this affair and the resulting failure of all attempts to convict the chief suspect,  a private investigator working for News of the World. The result of the web of corruption between Police, journalists and private investigators means that a murderer and corrupt policemen are still at large and we are no nearer the truth of what happened.

So you would have thought that any politician with a sense of propriety and rule of law would have kept a healthy distance from Rupert Murdoch. But no, Boris Johnson invited Rupert Murdoch as his personal guest to join him at the Olympics for the swimming finals. It is impossible to view this behaviour as anything other than arrogance of the highest order – it represents two fingers to the law, to democracy and to the people of the UK.

If this turns out to be part of a plan to rehabilitate Murdoch and the beginning of a campaign to replace Cameron with Johnson it will show that the arrogance of these two men shows no limit.

Boris Johnson, Rupert Murdoch and the arrogance in the mayor’s choice of guest

So, bumbling Boris Johnson is lovable and funny? Well, have I got news for you

Met to review Daniel Morgan murder over claims of News of the World link

Justice for Daniel

Daniel Morgan (private investigator)

Network of corruption which lies at the heart of  claim in the House of Commons by Labour MP Tom Watson that Rees was targeting politicians, members of the royal family and even terrorist informers on behalf of Rupert Murdoch’s News International. (Guardian June 2011)

Boris and Climate
While talking about Boris Johnson its worth noting that he chose Mathew Ridley to give the keynote address at a debate in the “The Environment Imperative” series. Mathew Ridley was promoted as “a renowned science writer, journalist, biologist, and businessman”.   There was a much longer introduction to Ridley given at the beginning of the debate but neither mentioned that the best description of Matthew Ridley is “failed banker”. Ridley was chairman of Northern Rock when it collapsed and came very close to bringing down the financial system of the western world. In fact this neolibertarian pundit who believes in small government that doesn’t interfere in business and finance had to go to our government for a £27 billion bailout. Funny none of this was mentioned.

London has many world class climate experts and environmental scientists that Boris could have chosen, Mathew Ridley is not one of them.

Two fingers to a rational, reasoned, evidence based debate.

Check the references below for further information.

Why is Boris Johnson promoting climate change “sceptics”?

The Man Who Wants to Northern Rock the Planet

Matt Ridley’s Rational Optimist is telling the rich what they want to hear

Daily Telegraph & Daily Mail get Wind Farm Study 100% wrong

As usual the Daily Telegraph (& Daily Mail) misrepresent a new research paper on Wind Farms.  This is the Telegraph article and here is their headline:

“Wind farms can cause climate change, finds new study”

“Wind farms can cause climate change, according to new research, that shows for the first time the new technology is already pushing up temperatures.”

Most readers will give this a cursory glance and assume that wind farms are causing climate change on a global scale and pushing up global temperatures, hence wind farms are a bad thing.

However, even before you get to paragraph 19, we find that this is a total misrepresentation of the research.  The study showed that turbines mix the air, and so at night, warm air higher up gets directed down on to the cold ground, causing small temperature rises at ground level.

So, no overall warming, and no effect outside the vicinity of the wind farm.

All of this is in the Telegraph article so why did their headline get the story 100% wrong???

In fact it is impossible to avoid concluding that both the Telegraph and Mail headlines were dishonest to the point of being outright lies. But then that is not unusual for these two papers when reporting any story that doesn’t quite fit their preconceived ideology.

An accurate headline would read:

“Wind turbines might be affecting local ground temperature, according to a new study”

Unfortunately I cannot read the whole paper as it is behind a pay wall here, but you can get all the information you need from the Telegraph article – you just need to read beyond the first few paragraphs and on to the end of the article.

Why do people buy newspapers that are so transparently dishonest? Perhaps this is the reason?

For those who are interested in reality rather than propaganda click here.

When the “truth wins” assumption fails.

100 Tories revolt over Wind Farms part 2

Recently 100 MPs wrote a letter to Dave Cameron demanding cuts to financial support for wind farms.

The letter contained a series of assertions with no reference to evidence or rational argument. The MPs could only make naïve or more likely disingenuous assertions such as wind power is intermittent, as if no one had thought of that before.

The fact is that all energy sources have been subsidised one way or another. Oil and gas exploration gains from massive tax breaks. Oil and Gas companies make excess unearned profits due to regular political crises which put up market prices – those unearned profits come from the ever increasing price to the consumer.

Coal has been subsidised because it has never had to pay for the damage that over a hundred years of pollution has done to our health, forests, buildings and our environment.

In the case of Nuclear Power the costs have been so lacking in  transparency and governments have been so cagey about publishing the costs involved that it is true to say that we really have little idea of the true cost of Nuclear Energy.

Here is an interesting article about Nuclear Power which should be essential reading for all those who think Wind Power is too expensive: Environmental research Web

100 Tories revolt over Wind Farms part 1