Letter to the Guardian

Here is a copy of an email I sent to the Guardian ( copies to the letters page, the editor and the science team). I did not get a reply from the editor but James Randerson of the science team did send a lengthy and positive but not entirely satisfactory reply.  I have not shown his reply out of respect for his privacy.

Dear Letters Page,

I am a Physics teacher and long time Guardian reader.  I have been disappointed with the Guardian’s coverage of the “Climate Change Debate” over the past few months. I do not wish to defend errors by the IPCC or any professional misconduct by scientists. Even the issue of  whether the science is correct or not is secondary to whether the science should be tested by weighing evidence against theories, or by a campaign of disinformation, deceit and out right lies.  Superficial investigation shows that a significant, possibly a majority, of the criticism of the science has come from commentators intent only on destroying the credibility of the science by whatever means is to hand – they do not seem have any interest in finding out the truth.  There is a once in a lifetime chance for the Guardian to make a real difference by doing some thorough research into what is going on, and where the truth lies.  If we allow the forces of unreason, political fundamentalism and shoddy journalism to take a hold in the way they have in the US then we have no hope of surviving this century – climate change will be the least of our worries.

Best regards,

Colin Lawson