George Eustice – “My priorities for Camborne, Redruth and Hayle” GE2019

I’ve just received the latest flyer from my Tory (ex UKIP) MP George Eustice. It’s almost totally free of any detail – just a series of meaningless slogans. The few ‘facts’ contained in it are mostly untrue. He is treating his constituents as fools.

First off we need to note that George Eustice has been a minister in a government that has been in power for nearly 10 years and so he must accept his share of the responsibility for the mess we are in and the damage his government have done to the UK. Blaming Labour is no longer tenable.


Some of George Eustice’s meaningless slogans:

“Boris Johnson has negotiated a new deal that would deliver an orderly Brexit”
The deal (a rehashed but worse version of the Theresa May deal) is only a withdrawal agreement. On the 1st Feb, we would start the arduous, lengthy and damaging process of agreeing a new trade deal with the EU. It would be a continuation of uncertainty not just for business but many millions of individuals whose lives stand to be severely damaged by the outcome. It would be a continuation of the indeterminable row between different factions of the Tory party about what Brexit actually means – something they have never agreed on. It would also be the moment when Johnson realises that he will have to choose between a trade deal with the US or the EU – he can’t have both – they are mutually incompatible. Wait till that sinks in. There’s also the likelihood that at the end of next year we will have no deal and we will be in crisis again as the old argument between crashing out without a deal or asking yet again for an extension rears its head. Brexit means years of gridlock and uncertainty regardless of how it plays out. The UK’s actual and mounting priorities will continue to be neglected and our standing in the world will continue to be in free fall.


Most of the fish caught in British waters happen to be the kind of fish we don’t want to eat so we export it to the rest of the EU and the kind of fish we do want to eat has to be imported, yes you guessed it, from the rest of the EU. That means the UK needs EU markets to sell fish into, and if we want that access the UK will have to allow EU vessels to keep fishing in British waters. Has George explained to his fishermen and farmers that a trade deal with the EU will mean negotiating new fishing and farming policies with the EU. We will be doing this from a position of weakness, having done our utmost to alienate the now ‘opposing side’ with our lies, smears and abuse and once again with a deadline working against us.  There is no guarantee that the new deal will be any better than our current deal. Is that taking back control?
Claim: “I can confirm that we will take back 100% control of the spectacular marine wealth of this country” Boris Johnson.
Reality: “establish a new fisheries agreement on, inter alia, access to waters and quota shares” by next July 1. (See paras 73 and 74 of Boris johnson’s Withdrawal Agreement)*.
Fishing is a highly complex issue with diverse and conflicting, sometimes irreconcilable, demands and restraints. Reducing it to meaningless slogans that play on emotion and petty nationalism does no one any good, least of all the fishermen and the associated industries.


George Eustice asserts that a vote for Labour is a vote to break up the UK. But no party in modern history has done more to damage the Union than the Tories. They have treated Scotland and Wales with utter contempt refusing to consult, collaborate or seek consensus in the Brexit process. Johnson’s capitulation to the EU in accepting a border down the Irish sea is probably another step towards the re-unification of Ireland but the risks of things turning ugly are much greater because of Brexit.


I hope that Scotland doesn’t leave the UK – we are all stronger together, both EU and UK. We’ve tried a Europe of nationalistic states following narrow short-sighted, self-interest but it proved to be an arrangement that led to two world wars and the mass murder of over 6 million people.
The world needs to work out how countries can retain maximum national independence while working within a structure of cooperation, collaboration, trade, environment, climate etc., all enforced by a set of mutually agreed rules. The EU is by far the most successful attempt at achieving this that the world has ever seen. It’s by no means perfect and is a work in progress and needs much constructive criticism. But it would be a crime to undermine this experiment just to appease those who rely on lies and ignorance for their baseless arguments.

“End of the soft prison sentence”
Slogan devoid of any detail or verifiable fact

The Tories bring this dog whistle out every election ad nauseam because it plays well to its core supporters but there is absolutely nothing in their manifesto that will make a meaningful difference. However, they have presided over the near destruction of the criminal justice system by underfunding, ideological vandalism and ignorant populist interventions aimed only at gaining positive Daily Mail headlines. We already have some of the longest prison sentences, worst repeat offender rates and worst crime rates in western Europe.

Since 2010 there have been multiple changes to sentencing policy. If there is anything wrong with those policies the blame rests entirely with the Conservative government.

Will not make up for the loss of funding over the past 9 years

The independent Institute for Fiscal Studies says that the extra £14 billion for education (over three years and not starting until 2022) will only just about bring spending back to the levels when the Tories took office. It will not make up for the lost money of the past 9 years.


Meaningless fact-free slogan

As for the billions for hospital projects, I refer you to Matt “We’re not saying, 50,000 new nurses. We’re saying 50,000 more nurses” Hancock, who has single-handedly destroyed any credibility there might have been for the ’50’ ‘new’ hospitals and 50,000 ‘more’ nurses – it’s a farce. He wouldn’t convince his own grandmother. 

Tellingly, the flyer doesn’t mention Boris Johnson at all.

When lies and deceit prevail in politics democracy dies. Johnson and the current government are a threat to both democracy and the very soul of our country. If they gain a working majority the damage done by years of gridlock and uncertainty as we try to negotiate multiple new trade deals added to the consequences of a hard-right agenda will be irreversible. Neither of the two main opposition parties has earned our loyalty and neither stands a chance of winning so we must Vote Tactically, however painful it is, to prevent a Tory majority and then we must fight for radical reform, for integrity, accountability, transparency & proportional representation. 

If we do vote tactically, we must assert publicly & personally to the recipient of our vote that it is ours, not theirs & they cannot legitimately claim it supports them or their party or manifesto. We are morally obliged to actively oppose any negative consequences of our vote.

Please let me know if I have made any mistakes of fact or logic – I will be happy to correct or amend as necessary. I am also happy to back up my comments with evidence and reasoning.

Sources and references:

Johnson’s biggest lie is that he’ll get Brexit done:

To get his Withdrawal Agreement, PM abandoned NI “backstop” and turned it into a “frontstop” – which is what EU wanted in the first place:

Brexit isn’t just putting checks between Northern Ireland and Great Britain. It is fuelling demands for Scottish independence. The best way to keep the UK together is to stay in the EU:

“It’s a truism of the fishing world that Britain exports what it catches and imports what it eats. That means the UK needs EU markets to sell fish into, and if they want that access the UK will have to allow EU vessels to keep fishing in British waters.”:

*See page 14 of the revised Political Declaration of the Withdrawal Agreement Oct 2019:


This (below) is just another Boris Johnson lie – they mean nothing to him. But do the people of Cornwall realise they are being taken for fools.




Is this the kind of thing that puts George Eustice off mentioning Boris Johnson in his leaflets?



I have pasted a copy of the flyer below. The evidence speaks for itself, it is devoid of detail, consists mainly of meaningless slogans and most of the small number of facts are actually deceptions or untrue.  He thinks we are fools.

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