“Not on the backs of the most vulnerable in our society.”

Salisbury MP, John Glen, made the following promise back in 2010 “we must not balance the books on the backs of the most vulnerable in our society”

Salisbury MP, John Glen, has consistently voted in favour of cuts to local government spending (40% since 2010) that have had a disproportionate impact on the most vulnerable in our society.

In fact John has voted in favour of every cut his government has made, irrespective of the damaging impact those cuts have had on the most vulnerable.

Those votes have included votes in favour of successive welfare changes that have disproportionally hit disabled people, such as cuts to social care and the recently passed cuts to employment support allowance. The cuts will reduce benefits by £30 a week for those in the work-related group.

John has failed to publicly acknowledge any concern about his government’s use of spin, misuse of data and misleading rhetoric to smear all benefits claimants as scroungers and skivers. [2]

We now have a budget in which George Osborne is taking $4bn from disabled people to fund tax cuts for the wealthy. Those who will benefit from the tax cuts include MPs like John Glen who have just had an 11% salary increase.

To make matters worse, the way the cuts in personal independence payments (PIP) for disabled people were announced, has inevitably caused maximum upset and fear amongst the most vulnerable in our society.

So perhaps it is time to remind Mr Glen of this promise he made in 2010:

John Glen MP – “we must not balance the books on the backs of the most vulnerable in our society”

It’s time for John Glen to come clean and stand by his promise.

UPDATE (22.29 18.03.16): Since I wrote the above, the government seems to have retreated on the PIP cuts and Iain Duncan Smith has resigned stating as his reason the shambles that is George Osborne’s cuts to disability benefits.  This stretches our credulity to breaking point given that IDS has been the government cheerleader for benefit cuts and has a very nasty line in benefit scrounger rhetoric.

A more plausible explanation is that his resignation is an opportunistic but desperate attempt to distance himself from the disaster that the Department of Work and Pensions has become under his leadership. [3]

Another possibility is that his resignation may be an even more desperate attempt to give some life to his Brexit campaign by undermining his chief opponent, George Osborne.

Whatever the motives, they do not appear honourable.


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George Osborne’s only solution to our economic problems – more austerity. No rationale, no logic, no evidence, just the ‘right thing to do’.  Very reminiscent of Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity – “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”: http://www.reasonandreality.org/?p=4309

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One thought on ““Not on the backs of the most vulnerable in our society.””

  1. Thanks for reminding us, Colin. Bizarrely, I just wrote an email a few hours ago to Mr Glum (just before I came across your website):
    Today 3:16 am

    John, on 24 Jan 2010 you told the world:

    ” I want to ensure that conservative government looks after the struggling and vulnerable … we have a massive deficit … which needs to be sorted out … must make sure it’s not done on the backs of the vulnerable in our society…”.

    Do you still believe this? Your recent vote for ESA disability cuts appears to contradict your pledge to Salisbury’s voters.

    Was I gullible to believe anything a politician promises on Youtube?

    ‘Looking forward to hearing your reply.

    Best regards

    And I forgot to mention the bungs to the rich in Gidiot’s Omnishambles Mk. II budget. D’oh!

    ‘Nearly as good as Dave ‘not all his fibs are true’ Camoron’s:

    “…Fairness means giving money to help the poorest in society. People who are sick, who are vulnerable, the elderly – I want you to know we will always look after you. That’s the sign of a civilised society and it’s what I believe…”

    … David Cameron 6 Oct 2010

    JG’ll prolly come back with Gidiot’s excuse “… we’re spending more on disability benefits than ever before…”. Or Ian Dungcan Shite’s “… we don’t want to condemn these unfortunates to a life on the dole – we’re providing incentives – helping them – they even thank us when we sanction them …”.

    And if the (s)Tories stopped financially and verbally harassing the proles then perhaps the number of people getting ill each year might stop rising!

    Please sign & share my petition:

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