Dave Hartnett, HMRC, HSBC, the revolving door and legalised corruption.

In all the furore about the HSBC – Swiss Bank tax evasion scandal let’s remember that it was Dave Hartnett who, as the boss of HMRC (supposedly our tax collection agency)  negotiated the notorious tax deal that granted HSBC’s bankers virtually guaranteed immunity from prosecution for any crimes they might have committed relating to tax fraud in Switzerland.

Dave Hartnett is also the man responsible for doing dodgy deals with Vodafone, Goldman Sachs and other large corporations that have cost the taxpayer billions in lost revenue. He has now retired on a very generous pension having suffered no consequences whatsoever for given away billions of pounds of our money.

Ordinary hard working families including the most vulnerable members of our society  are bearing the brunt of the government austerity measures because people like Hartnett believe that “only the little people pay taxes

And where is Dave Hartnett now?  Working for HSBC of course.   Why don’t we call this what it is – legalised corruption.



HMRC boss Dave Hartnett receives a life time achievement award for “Services to Corporate Tax Avoidance”: http://www.reasonandreality.org/?p=1610

The man who did the deal that gave HSBC immunity went on to work for HSBC: http://www.taxresearch.org.uk/Blog/2015/02/09/the-man-who-did-the-deal-that-gave-hsbc-immunity-went-on-to-work-for-hsbc/#sthash.v6k4izaq.dpuf

UPDATE: 3rd March 2015  Dave Hartnett to appear in front of  Public Accounts Committee:

Subject: Tax avoidance and evasion: HSBC

See more at: http://www.taxresearch.org.uk/Blog/2015/03/03/this-looks-like-it-could-be-fun-on-monday/#sthash.hWDG79eg.jub1EvPP.dpuf


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