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Its seems that, in order to meet government cuts, the NHS has so severely cutback on Nurses that it is now having to pay huge sums for agency nurses.  Clearly agency nurses cannot provide continuity of care and the cost of agency nurses is extortionate and of course represents yet another funneling of tax payers money into the hands of the private sector. In fact it seems that a major  beneficiary might be Tory donor  Lord Ashcroft.

Meanwhile, here in Salisbury, a freedom of information request has been submitted to Salisbury NHS Trust requesting further information on the supply of medical agency staff to the trust from 2009 to 2012 to including the following information: 1 Cost to the trust/authority; 2 Grade; 3 Supplier/Agency; 4 Speciality.

It will be interesting to see the result of the FOI request.

NHS pays £1,600 a day for nurses as agency use soars (D. Telegraph)

Lord Ashcroft’s Co. makes £7,000,000 supplying agency staff to the NHS as Lansley sacks 28,610 staff (Éoin Clarke)

Freedom of Information Request

Are Salisbury Hospital Staff to have their Pay Cut by 15%?

In light of the government’s move towards regional pay* in the NHS  – apparently a  euphemism for channeling cash from poorer to wealthier areas of the country, there has been an interesting development locally.

Following the revelation of the formation of NHS “Pay Cartels” in the South West, a freedom of Information request has been submitted to Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust by a J. Stewart.

Here is the main focus of the request:

“Please confirm or deny that the proposal being considered includes the possibility that Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust Staff will be dismissed and offered revised terms and conditions of employment.

Please confirm or deny that the proposal being considered includes the possibility that Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust Staff will have their pay reduced by upto 15%, and or that staff will have their annual leave entitlement reduced, and or sickness pay entitlements will be reduced, and or no longer offering staff membership of the NHS Pension scheme.

Please also confirm whether all Trust Senior Management and Board members would be included in any proposed change in Terms and Conditions.”

The Trust has 20 days from 12th June to respond.

(* interestingly regional pay will not apply to top tiers of management – there’s a surprise)


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