Michael Gove – Rupert Murdoch’s Secretary of State for Education

Michael Gove’s only credentials are that he is an ex News International Journalist and unashamed cheerleader for Rupert Murdoch. And yet he is single handedly promoting, without any debate or reference to evidence or rational thought, a stream of barmy ideas apparently based on the simple criteria that if we did it in the 50’s it must be good.

The latest examples are ‘Gove’ levels which seem to be a case of Michael Gove making up his own policy without consulting even his own colleagues and we also have the new Primary National Curriculum where experts were consulted but did not come up with the right answers so again Gove just made it up – and a shocking mess he made he made too – see here.

Here is a full list of links summarising the background to this educational disaster:

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Michael Gove – Rupert Murdoch’s Secretary of State for Education:

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Why do we allow Murdoch, an unelected, non UK citizen who does not pay UK income tax to have any influence on our education system – are we bonkers??

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Michael Gove, member and adviser to the dodgy Atlantic Bridge group of neo conservatives, neolibertarians,  and tea party wing nuts set up by that nice man Liam Fox: http://www.guardian.co.uk/politics/2011/oct/15/liam-fox-atlantic-bridge