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On March 27th 2012 the Health and Social Care Bill became law and at a stroke brought to an end sixty years of the NHS. What the future holds I do not know but what is clear is that it will not be a universal, comprehensive integrated health service available to the whole community as we have now.  It will be a system in which huge conflicts of interest, mixed with huge sums of tax payers money, will offer individuals and international corporations unrivalled temptations to make huge sums of money at our expense.

This has happened on our watch, our children and grandchildren will not forgive us.  With a few notable and commendable exceptions the media, political parties, health care professionals and us the patients and taxpayers have all stood back and allowed this to happen with a virtually non existent level of public debate.  And to top all this the “reform” of the NHS was on no parties agenda – there is no democratic mandate whatsoever for the biggest change in health care since the formation of the NHS.   When David Cameron said the NHS was safe in his hands and that the NHS would not be privatised he was simply not telling the truth – we have been taken as fools.

I have started this branch of my blog as a place to document and log the development in Health Care in my home City of Salisbury in the vain hope that it may serve as some use in the fight to ensure that we can avoid the worst excesses of what could happen to health and social care in England over the next few decades.

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