The NHS is threatened by legalised corruption

The Health and Social Care Bill is hugely complicated, few have the time to read it and it is difficult to predict the consequences with any confidence.  So instead of asking if the NHS reform bill is a disaster waiting to happen, let’s ask a different question – do we trust those who are doing the re-organisation?

All the evidence suggests that private health care corporations from all over the world are queuing up (with government encouragement) for some of the action – a 100 billion pound budget.  When you view the links below you will find evidence that every level of the NHS reform, including the government, has been infiltrated by the private sector and it is very difficult to detect anyone who will be looking after the interests of the patients or taxpayers.

In the run up to the 2010 election, David Cameron warned that lobbying was ‘the next big scandal waiting to happen’, unfortunately he has done precious little about this issue since gaining power and there have already been a series of scandals. The control of NHS reform by corporate lobbyists looks set to be a scandal on a massive scale. If we are not vigilant this will result in the bulk reallocation of huge sums of tax payer’s money to private sector profits and CEO million pound bonuses. It will make the sums of money involved in the  A4E scandal look like pocket money.

Let’s not wait until it’s too late to expose this threat.  The NHS needs continuing reform, perhaps radical reform, but reform based on evidence and reason, cooperation and collaboration, not the blind ideology and self interest of free market libertarians.

There will be a place in any NHS reform for private contractors to earn a reasonable profit by providing quality services but the evidence and track record of some of the big players suggest they are in this for a lot more than reasonable profits. In the US, the health care industry has usurped democratic control with the result that health care is run for the benefit of insurance companies and private health care providers. This is to the detriment of the people, many of whom experience third world standards of health care or no health care at all. Any meaningful attempts at reform in the US are always vetoed by the industry despite a strong popular mandate for reform.

In the UK we need to be sure that those leading the reforms have the best interests of patients and taxpayers at heart and  are not influenced by, at best, massive conflicts of interest, or at worst, a form of legalised corruption.

Note: Monitor is the new regulator of the NHS. Whoever controls Monitor controls the reforms. Monitor’s chief executive is a former private equity financier and McKinsey man, seconded from a private health business. Its chief operating officer and director of strategy are both from KPMG, which has recently acquired substantial NHS contracts, with many more to come as such firms move in on commissioning.  Who is representing the patient and taxpayer???

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