100 Tories revolt over Wind Farms part 2

Recently 100 MPs wrote a letter to Dave Cameron demanding cuts to financial support for wind farms.

The letter contained a series of assertions with no reference to evidence or rational argument. The MPs could only make naïve or more likely disingenuous assertions such as wind power is intermittent, as if no one had thought of that before.

The fact is that all energy sources have been subsidised one way or another. Oil and gas exploration gains from massive tax breaks. Oil and Gas companies make excess unearned profits due to regular political crises which put up market prices – those unearned profits come from the ever increasing price to the consumer.

Coal has been subsidised because it has never had to pay for the damage that over a hundred years of pollution has done to our health, forests, buildings and our environment.

In the case of Nuclear Power the costs have been so lacking in  transparency and governments have been so cagey about publishing the costs involved that it is true to say that we really have little idea of the true cost of Nuclear Energy.

Here is an interesting article about Nuclear Power which should be essential reading for all those who think Wind Power is too expensive: Environmental research Web

100 Tories revolt over Wind Farms part 1

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