100 Tories revolt over wind farms

More misinformation and made up facts from Tory MPs.

If they are genuinely concerned about the subsidies devoted to wind power then why are they not also concerned about the unquantified, opaque and open ended subsidies for nuclear power.

What about the subsidies/tax breaks for North Sea Oil and Gas?

In fact all new sources of energy have been subsidised at least in their initial development.

What about the hidden subsidies due to pollution and ill health caused by coal fired power stations and the ill health and environmental damage due to coal extraction.

If those 100 MPs are genuinely worried about consumer’s energy bills why don’t they admit that renewable energy subsidises are a very small part of the increases in fuel prices . The reason for the rise in energy bills is the rapidly rising wholesale costs of oil and gas and  the massive profits being made by the six big energy companies.  The energy companies, many foreign owned, are able to increase their profits simply on the back of the rising international prices – they do not work more efficiently or harder, all they do is put the prices up a bit more than their costs.  So why don’t the MPs start with those unearned profits  if they are concerned about consumers?

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Instead of sending baseless letters to the media, the 100 MPs would be better off using their time  signing up to this: http://www.38degrees.org.uk/page/s/the-big-switch#petition

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