“Only the little people pay tax”

“We don’t pay taxes. Only the little people pay tax” this is what millionairess Leona Helmsley said when she was caught fiddling her tax in 1989.  Things haven’t changed – this attitude seems to pervade the ranks of those who are paid more than they know how to spend.  The current government, full of inherited wealth, is really keen and enthusiastic about taking fast and ruthless action to root out ‘benefit scroungers’ and ‘feckless lazy council house tenants’. But when it comes to doing something about the much larger amounts lost to tax evasion and the pernicious corrupting effect of tax havens they suddenly become very cautious.   So much for “We are all in this together”  the evidence suggests that in reality they also believe that “Its only the little people who pay tax.”   Take a look at these:

Civil servant tax claims: Danny Alexander orders review (Special deals for high earning civil servants)

There’s one rule for the rich and another for everyone else

Dave-Harnett-to-step-down-from-HMRC Dave Harntettt chief at HMRC walks away with a comfortable pension having done his best to ensure that “only the little people pay taxes”

Update:  Government embarrassed into action:  Student Loans chief  ‘to pay tax at source’ like the rest of us.

The loopholes which destroy HMRC’s claim that Swiss tax deal will see a £4-7bn Treasury windfall

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