Spiked on line deletes comments – so much for free speech.

The writers at the right wing on line magazine Spiked are nothing but zealous in their enthusiasm for free speech. However, in my experience their commitment to free speech is left wanting when you try to post a critical comment on one of their articles.

Every now and again I make the mistake of visiting the Spiked on Line web site. On a recent visit I came across an article by their guru Frank Furedi.

The anti-populist rhetoric of the elite is now off the scale. (Spiked on line 26 DECEMBER 2016)

As usual this article contains enough straw men and ludicrous, unsubstantiated assertions that I am surprised the Guinness Book of Records hasn’t taken an interest.

Even the subtitle: “The anti-populist rhetoric of the elite is now off the scale” could, with more basis in reality, be written as: “The anti liberal / anti left rhetoric of Spiked is now off the scale”

I will leave you to read the article and judge it for yourself.  From my reading, it is, at best, a narrow one sided attack, based on straw men and cherry picking of evidence to fit a preconceived agenda. It is shamefully lacking in objectivity coming as it does from an academic at a British University.

I was so annoyed by the article that I quickly typed off and submitted the comment below in response to his cherry picking of examples to support his complaint that “The degradation of public discourse, and the use of words to mystify, distract from and evade certain issues, has been a feature of political life for some time.”. According to Furedi this can, of course, all be blamed on the lefty liberal elite.

My response:

Frank Furedi is deploying the Karl Rove tactic of “accusing your opponents of doing exactly what you and your collaborators have been doing all along”. I note that his cherry picking conveniently misses the following from his analysis: “Snowdrops, libtard, will of the people, take back control, you lost – get over it, virtue‑signalling, liberal elite, enemies of the people, the people have spoken” etc.

The comment was initially accepted but then removed as spam. I repeated this about 4 or 5 times over two days.  Each time it appeared but was then removed as spam. See the final two attempts below. (As you can see, I clicked the button each time to have this checked but no response was forthcoming)

frank furedi spiked

So it looks like the “snowflakes” at Spiked have a thinner skin than they make out.

More here: http://www.reasonandreality.org/?s=Spiked




Seems I am permanently barred from posting comments on The Spiked On Line web page.

Here’s my latest message to be deleted ( a reply to a comment on WHAT’S SCARIER THAN TRUMP? THE ELITE REVOLT AGAINST HIM). Here’s the screen shot (from my profile – but removed from their web page):

censored trump spiked


UPDATE 7/11/2017 – another comment not allowed to appear on a Brendan O’Neill article.

In this article O’Neill excels himself by invoking the Stalinist version of Godwin’s Law and then, irony of ironies, deletes my comment from his blog post:

spiked deleted
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2 thoughts on “Spiked on line deletes comments – so much for free speech.”

  1. Happened to me as well, all because I decided to post an opinion about how Spiked has lurched to the right, in light of its article painting Trudeau in a worse light than Trump. I said that some readers are blatantly misogynistic. I’m with the whole anti-third-wave feminist, no to identity politics ideology, however, how easily the discussions descend into misogyny is frightening. Yet, they censor people who attack that dialogue. Hypocritical and frightening.

    1. Hi TonusBanus, yes, they have become a parody of an Alt-Right web site. Surprising that the Spectator and others still publish articles by Brendan’ O’Neill.

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