The revolving door between healthcare companies, lobbyists, think tanks, special advisers and government

The revolving door between healthcare companies ( in black), think tanks ( in grey) and government is shown in the chart below. It spreads through Labour as well as the Conservatives. It started under New Labour and under the Coalition it is out of control.  All areas of government have been penetrated by industry sponsored think tanks, lobby groups and special advisers with their feet firmly planted in financial interests.  It is clear that health policy in particular must be deeply compromised by these cosy links. Where are the patients in this process??  (Note the chart is a little out of date – Tony Blair has moved on to more lucrative pastures. But nevertheless we can be confident that the situation has not improved.)

(Click chart to enlarge)

Private Healthcare Network (thanks to Spinwatch and Open Democracy)

The Plot against the NHS

Watch this video for more info on the work of Lobbyists

Andrew Lansley bankrolled by private healthcare provider (Slightly old news but still relevant)

Investigation reveals extraordinary extent of international management consultant’s role in Lansley’s health reforms

The Health Service is being privatised! I don’t remember voting for that, was there a referendum?

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