Government misuse of rhetoric and spin is not a victim free activity – ask the disabled

Here is a list of Media articles about negative rhetoric on disability and welfare by the UK Government (Source: Disabled People Against Cuts Media reporting on Disability and Disability Hate Crime Issue 1, May 2014):

Lies, damned lies and Iain Duncan Smith. The way the work and pensions secretary manipulates statistics is a shaming indictment of his department’s failings:

Full Fact asks watchdog to intervene over inaccurate incapacity benefit reporting:

After Shapps’ bad data, the DWP is back in the spotlight:

One of the most persistent problems in the debate over welfare reform has been the misrepresentation of fraud in the benefits system.:

David Cameron accused of “scaremongering” over health tourism:

Disabled challenge minister over job support boast:

MPs set to quiz minister over ‘misleading’ benefit stats:

DWP lies to cover its tracks on mobility cuts:

Skivers v strivers: the argument that pollutes people’s minds:

Mythbuster: Tall tales about welfare reform:

Popular attitudes towards spending on welfare claimants are often based on ignorance and prejudice, fed by politicians and the media:

Research shows ‘climate of fear’ whipped up by media stories on benefit fraud delay or stop people in need from getting help:

Middlesbrough study reveals generations of welfare scroungers are a myth:

Is £600m really being paid in disability living allowance to people who don’t qualify?:

Exposed: the myth of a ‘culture of worklessness’:

Stats, spats and spads – The coalition government is showing a worrying disregard for data:

New government-backed benefit fraud campaign could expose disabled people to hostility and violence in their own communities:

Report into abuse of statistics by the Department for Work and Pensions:

Disabled People Are Being Victimised, Vilified And Pushed Out Of Society:

UK Statistics Authority Correspondance – Statistics on Disability Living Allowance:—correspondence/correspondence/email-from-ed-humpherson-to-donna-o-brien—110414.pdf

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