Looks like Tories just might be about to self distruct

After four years the chickens are coming home to roost.  The Tories went into the last election trying to convince everyone that they were a reformed party – a party for the environment, a caring, compassionate conservatism.  They failed to convince the electorate, did not get a majority and did not win the election. (They have not won a general election for more than 20 years). However, with the support of the Lib Dems, the Tories ditched their manifesto promises and implemented a set of catastrophic policies that are doing lasting damage to our country.   Most of those policies were not in their manifesto, are not based on evidence or reasoned debate, have no electoral mandate and are based on simple minded, delusional, right wing ideology supported by a media prepared to disseminate lies and propaganda .   Those policies are now falling apart and we see the nasty party for what it is.

In particular, Lynton Crosby’s influence was always going to be poisonous and the articles below give a flavour of the effect of his influence.

David Cameron clearly stands for nothing apart from winning the next election- he has no vision and no morals – a PR man and nothing else.

Reality always trumps ideology and you can’t fool all the people all the time, so things were bound to start going wrong but with Lynton Crosby in the background the fall out might be quite spectacular.


UPDATE 28th August:  The Tories’ attempt to out ukip UKIP was always going to fail:

Net migration to UK soars to 243,000:

Douglas Carswell defects to UKIP:




Snubbed ministers to ‘rough up’ PM:

David Cameron will LOSE election blasts Ken Clarke after Tory spin doctors ‘attempted to silence him’:

No 10 lied to BBC to keep me off-air, says Ken Clarke:

And also see: You won’t hear the Chancellor boasting about the biggest drop in living standards since the war:

Chasing the Ukip vote could kill the Conservative Party, claims Tory moderniser, Lord (Daniel) Finkelstein:



When Lynton Crosby was first appointed, our local MP, John Glen, tweeted the message below.  I wonder if John is regretting his enthusiasm yet.

John Glen Lynton Crosby










Is John Glen MP still enthusiastic about Lynton Crosby?:

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