This is what happens when a political party dumps its morals in favour of cheap votes and ideology

Alois Dvorzac, an 84-year-old Canadian with Alzheimer’s died in handcuffs while detained at Harmondsworth detention centre, run by the private, US company, GEO.

Here is the Channel4 account of this appalling story:

How do the Tories, Lib Dems, Theresa May, UKBA, GEO and all their enthusiastic supporters sleep at night?

You can’t try to out ukip UKIP, without tarring yourself with the same brush.

Here is the text of the Channel 4 story:

The horrible death of Canadian Alois Dvorzac in UK immigration detention was big news. What if he’d been from Eritrea or Zaire?

When I saw the story above I was shocked into a knee jerk reaction of anger and found it easy to empathise with the plight of a white European man who could have been anyone’s grandfather. But this kind of thing happens regularly in British detention centres. However the victims are usually non white and from a different culture and, to our shame, we pay far less attention.

The article below gives an account of the deaths in British detention centres at the hands of private companies with a dubious record and whose only qualification for the job is their ability to ‘persuade’ governments to keep on giving them contracts despite their appalling track record. It is shocking and shameful that we allow this to continue in our name.

Is the Death of a Detainee a BBC story? It depends where they’re from. (CLARE SAMBROOK, 24 January 2014):


A shocking report on Harmondsworth, the British immigration lock-up run by GEO, America’s second biggest prisons contractor. Who are the GEO Group and what do they stand for?:

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