Disgraced ex Cabinet Minister, Liam Fox, speaks at Salisbury Literary Club Dinner (Salisbury Literary Political Dining Club)

Its a funny old world. The Tories are always keen to condemn those who take advantage of the tax payer except when it is one of their own that is doing the ripping off.  So let’s not forget that the Liam Fox invited as guest and speaker by the Salisbury Literary Club / Salisbury Literary Dining Club (which I assume is a local Salisbury Conservative Party fund raising group) is also the same disgraced Liam Fox, ex Defence Minister, who had to resign to avoid further investigation into his abuse of the tax payer’s trust.

Liam Fox abused the post of Defence Secretary by taking his business ‘associate’ and lobbyist, Adam Werrity, to accompany him on foreign visits and meetings with political leaders, diplomats and defence contractors all subsidised by the tax payer.  Mr Werritty carried business cards embossed with parliament’s portcullis logo and described himself as an “adviser to the Rt Hon Dr Fox MP”. Adam Werrity did not have security clearance and was breaking all the rules in the book as he masqueraded as an official adviser –  I will leave it to the reader to judge what he was up to.

Liam Fox also used his position to promote the right-wing Atlantic Bridge “charity” with links to the more barmy and sinister right-wing of the Republican Party and “Tea Party” in the US. It seems he also ran a clandestine pro Israel foreign policy*.  Liam Fox had to resign as Defence Secretary (avoiding further scrutiny) and his Atlantic Bridge “charity” was closed down in 2011 because it contravened charity laws.  However the most striking observation from all this is that Liam Fox clearly does not think he did anything wrong and is still an MP and waiting for his chance to get back into cabinet.

Liam Fox also had to repay £3,000 of expenses after it was found he had allowed his friend Adam Werritty to live at his taxpayer-funded second home for a year rent-free.

In his report, the Chief Cabinet Secretary said that Liam Fox had put the lives of senior defence staff in danger with his cavalier disregard for ministerial rules.

He was also criticised for allowing his ‘Atlantic Bridge’ phoney ‘think tank’ to be run from his parliamentary offices.

Let’s also remember that Liam Fox, who is so keen on cutting benefits to hard working but low paid tax payers,  was caught over claiming £22,500 mortgage payments and £19,000 mobile phone costs from those same tax payers.  If a benefits claimant had been caught doing this they would be in jail.

Page 89 of the March 2014 copy of “Wiltshire Society” shows John Glen MP and numerous local Salisbury Conservative party dignitaries socialising with Liam Fox, clearly untroubled by the fact that had Liam Fox been an ordinary citizen he probably would have been sacked and possibly in jail.  Ask a local councillor if they would have got away with such disgraceful behaviour.

So why does anyone take any notice of what this disgraced ex-cabinet minister says???

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Liam Fox report – the unanswered questions: Gus O’Donnell’s damning 10-page report leaves several of the Guardian’s original questions unanswered:





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