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John Glen is very keen to support constituents who don’t want wind farms near their properties but in this question and answer session on BBC Wiltshire local radio he failed to give the same support to those constituents who might have similar objections to fracking.

You can listen to the answer at this link, just move the slider to:   01:31:20  (Unfortunately this is no longer available on the BBC web site).

The question was clear and simple. It did not compare the pros and cons of the two technologies. The question simply asked Mr Glen to assure us that he would give the same support to his constituents worried about fracking as he had already promised to constituents worried about wind turbines.  That assurance was not forthcoming.

The reality is that the government wants to give local communities the power to reject wind farms but not fracking projects.

So much for the government’s “Localism Agenda”. In plain English this means that local communities are free to make their own decision only if those decisions coincide with government plans.

Summary (a text book example  of double standards and irrationality):

John Glen is against wind farms, against subsidising wind farms and in favour of giving local councils powers to reject wind farms.

John Glen is in favour of: fracking, in favour of subsidising fracking and in favour of giving local councils a financial incentive to approve fracking.

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