Breaking News: The Earth Still Goes Around the Sun, and It’s Still Warming Up

“The scientific community has known — and been saying for decades — that the earth is warming up. Except for a small cadre of highly vocal, ideologically stuck, but increasingly marginalized people, there is no dispute about this among scientists. The data are extensive – covering the globe – and they have been vetted, reanalyzed, corrected for error, compared with satellite data, and subjected to every known criticism. And independent group after independent group has found the same thing: the earth is warming.”  So begins an article in Forbes magazine by Peter Gleick prompted by the latest confirming evidence for global warming.

Despite this evidence, the  science deniers will continue their fight.  Only recently the likes of Jame Delingpole, Nigel Lawson etc have claimed that global warming was just a trick of corrupt scientists – part of a vast global conspiracy to defraud us of funds for research, increase the power of the UN world government and tax us all to despair?  As predicted some are now shifting their stance and claiming that they always new the planet was warming but continue to deny that the exponentially increasing emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere could possibly be to blame.  Of course some will just wait a few weeks and then continue to claim that global warming is a vast global conspir……. etc. Just as there are those who continue to claim (with out any evidence whatsoever) that smoking does not cause cancer, asbestos does not cause asbestosis, HIV does not cause AIDs, vaccinations don’t work and are part of a government plot to ……. , the combined measles jab causes autism and is part of a government plo …… , the world is only 6000 years old etc etc. Naturally these are often the same people.

Perhaps it is worth revisiting this excellent link for a nice summary of the characteristics and tactics of denialists.  In the meantime, unfortunately, our planet will continue to behave according to the laws of physics and the results will eventually be beyond anyone’s doubt ……. and it will be too late to do anything about it.

Please let me know if you think I have been inaccurate, unfair or my logic is at fault. Just use the comments box/link.

Forbes magazine article by Peter Gleick:

Deniers and their tactics (Denialism Blog, Mark Hoofnagle):

Some science:

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