Michael Gove: People who use food banks only have themselves to blame!

Michael Gove on the people who use food banks:

In the House of Commons recently, Michael Gove (Tory MP & Secretary of State for Education) claimed that  “people use food-banks because they’re not best able to manage their finances” and that “they only have themselves to blame”.

This is the same Michael Gove who had to pay back £7000 in MP expenses.

  • Here is what he spent some of the tax payers £7k on:
  • £331 Chinon armchair
  • Manchu cabinet for £493
  • a pair of elephant lamps for £134,50.
  • He also claimed for a £750 Loire table – although the Commons’ authorities only allowed him to claim £600 – a birch Camargue chair worth £432 and a birdcage coffee table for £238.50.

So Mr Gove, a case of not being able to manage your finances??  Note: Mr Gove also received a £13000 subsidy plus help with mortgage to buy a house that wasn’t even in his own constituency – outrage from his constituents forced him to sell it – I wonder how many spare bedroom subsidies he was receiving? You couldn’t make it up!

What Oxfam had to say:    Oxfam said the rising number of people using food banks was due to low wages, rising prices and failings in the welfare system that were dragging people into poverty. Oxfam’s UK poverty programme director Chris Johnes said: “Thousands are now turning to food banks, but they do not do so out of choice, they do so when they have nowhere else to turn.

“The staggering rise in the numbers of people using food banks is down to failings in the benefit system, too many low-paid jobs and rising prices that are dragging huge numbers into poverty. Our research with Church Action on Poverty shows that people are using food banks only as a last resort when their falling real incomes do not meet rising costs of living”.

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