Is John Glen MP still enthusiastic about Lynton Crosby?

I would be interested to know if John Glen is still as enthusiastic about Lynton Crosby as he was when he sent out the message below.  I think it was Alastair Campbell who once said that when a spin doctor becomes the story it is time for him to go.

John Glen Lynton Crosby









The kind of Lobbying carried out by the likes of Crosby defiles politics and is tantamount to legalised corruption involving huge sums of money and conflicts of interest that would not be tolerated in any other walk of life. Both Labour and Tory parties are guilty of allowing this to continue.  When in opposition David Cameron said that “Lobbying is the next big scandal”.  Now that he is in power he has done nothing about lobbying and is employing one of the most ruthless lobbyists around.

The appointment of Lynton Crosby has been followed by government reversals on many issues but in particular there have been ‘U’ turns on plain packaging for cigarettes, a register of lobbyists and minimum pricing  of alcohol. Lynton Crosby is a major lobbyist for the tobacco industry – surely a conflict of interest??

I hope that John Glen has taken note of a fellow Tory MP, the independently minded  Sarah Wollaston, who does what MPs are supposed to do and calls governments to account rather than tamely following the party line.

Sarah Wollaston MP (12th Jul 2013):  “R.I.P public health. A day of shame for this government; the only winners big tobacco, big alcohol and big undertakers”


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UPDATE 3rd Oct 2014:

In the words of one cabinet minister (in a text message to Tim Montgomerie) “Lynton Crosby has replaced David Cameron as leader of the Conservative Party” So that means we have yet another unelected Australian running our country.


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