Introducing Self Pay from Care UK / NHS (with GPs as the ‘middlemen’?)

The Privatisation and Monetisation of the NHS is not happening with a big bang, but it is already happening, surreptitiously and with no public debate or mandate. It is happening.

Take a look at this leaflet to GPs in the Southampton area.  Note the joint Care UK / NHS logo.

Here is a copy of Care UK’s standard Self Pay leaflet.  Looks like Care UK are positioning to cash in on reductions in the NHS service and hope to use GPs as the ‘middle man’. The Southampton leaflet seems intended to muddy the distinction between private and NHS, presumably so that patients will get used to paying for NHS services. This will smooth the transistion to Care UK’s standard Self Pay services  Apparently the prices on these leaflets are standard private care prices not NHS prices which are lower.

Here is a link to the Southampton Care UK / NHS websites:

Care UK in joint deal with NHS  FT March 2013 (“The move underscores the growing commercialisation of the state-funded health service.”)

Corporate Watch: Care UK  (Corporate Watch)


“If there’s just one thing that Care UK knows how to do – and there is – it’s take money from the state. I would make a bigger deal of the fact that 96 per cent of Care UK’s revenue comes from the NHS. That’s the kind of solid base that any company would envy – taxpayers’ money, minimal risk, easy profits.” Alex Nunns: Going private? What happened when a private health company offered an NHS campaigner a job   New Statesman July 2012

Wiltshire CCG seeking legal advice over ‘Care UK’ contract for Wiltshire’s new NHS 111 phone service  (Reason and Reality March 21st 2013)

By 2015, new NHS charges will be knocking at the door  Guardian Nicholas Timmins, Wednesday 17 April 2013

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