Leveson, Global Warming and the Lies of James Delingpole and the Daily Mail

One aspect of the Leveson inquiry that has been played down but is as important as the corrupt relationship between media and politicians is the lack of ethical or professional accountability of the press. There is no doubt that some of our national news papers have a scant regard for truth and honesty in their presentation of news and opinion.  In fact they are often little more than propaganda outlets for their owners, resulting in such levels of misinformation that it is almost impossible to have a sensible public debate on many issues.

Once such issue is Global Warming where papers like the Daily Mail and Daily Telegraph (and phony think tanks like Nigel Lawson’s Global Warming Policy Forum) have waged a particularly poisonous and vicious campaign to undermine not just climate science but science and rational debate in general.  In both papers there are a number of writers who have no qualms about misrepresenting facts and often simply lying.

Today  the latest example of this phenomenon is an article by James Delingpole in the Daily Mail about a report from the UK Met Office.  In his usual style Delingpole misrepresents or lies about nearly every aspect of the report.  In a civilised, democratic,  rational society, Delingpole and the Mail would be held to account and forced to issue a retraction and apology.

Unfortunately this is unlikely to happen, the Leveson report has been kicked into the long grass by David Cameron and the lies and deceit of the Mail and Delingpole will continue to poison any attempt at rational debate about climate science.

In the words of Winston Churchill (who stole them from Baptist preacher C. H. Spurgeon (19th C)  “A lie will be halfway round the world before the truth has got its boots on”

Here is the Delingpole article in the Daily Mail

Here is the Met Office’s response:

Resolving Confusion Over the Met Office Statement and Continued Global Warming  (Skeptical Science)

Was there ANYTHING in James Delingpole’s Daily Mail piece which was true?

 Met Office hits back at ‘inaccuracies’ in James Delingpole article (David Batty guardian.co.uk, Friday 11 January 2013)

BBC Radio 4 ‘Today’ programme admits that it got the science wrong – yet again.  The editor and John Humphrys need to do a GCSE science Course – little hope of that.


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