Our Government is cutting spending on flood defences, coastguards, helicopters, rescue services, & local services. Who will rescue flooded communities in the future?

Flood defences:

At a time of increasing flood risk our government has cut back spending on current and future flood defences, as well as cutting back on the rescue services, coast guard etc.  There is no evidence that A4E, Serco, Capita, Virgin or any of the foreign owned water companies are going to step in and look after our flood defences without tax payers footing the bill and directors awarding themselves million pound bonuses for simply doing their job, or not, as so frequently happens.

We are already seeing results of this where promised flood defences have not been completed in time for the current wet weather.

In its enthusiasm to deregulate, the government has allowed the construction industry and property developers to write their own revision to the planning regulations allowing them greater freedom to construct housing when and where it suits them, which could, as in the past,  include flood plains and other areas susceptible to flooding. This of course would hold no risk to the developers, the risk being born mainly by homeowners and then by the tax payer.  (As climate change and increased risk of domestic flooding becomes apparent insurance companies are refusing to re-insure homes in flood prone areas)

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