NHS staff in the South West who don’t agree to pay cut face sack

As already reported here NHS staff in the South West including Salisbury Hospital face a pay cut and worsening conditions of service. This comes  as a result of the government’s enthusiasm for regional pay and the foundation of a “Pay Cartel” consisting of 19 NHS organisations across the South West.  This of course comes on top of a pay freeze and increased pension contributions.  Employers claim this will help them make the £20 billion in “savings” over four years required by the government, but coincidentally it could help to smooth the privatisation of the NHS where providers like Virgin and Serco will make their profits by driving down pay and conditions.

See here for more details: NHS staff who don’t agree to pay cut face sack

Salisbury NHS Watch

Hospital trusts’ joint talks on rising wage bill stokes fears of NHS pay cuts (Marlborough News Online)

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2 thoughts on “NHS staff in the South West who don’t agree to pay cut face sack”

  1. As a sign of good faith why don’t the top executives take an immediate 10% pay cut? They could also reduce the number of executives. There should be an urgent review of the HR and occupational health departments to reduce the time taken to employ people which would reduce the need for overtime and agency staff.
    An additional saving could be made by reviewing expense claims and free lunches. If a lunch is required can’t the top people afford to pay? The lower echelons are expected to.

  2. Hi Roger, yes it would certainly help staff moral and motivation if they thought “we are all in it together”. Unfortunately, as you are probably aware, it seems that top executives will be exempt from these cuts as they are seen as “more mobile” than ordinary members of staff. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out but not much fun for those whose livelihoods are directly involved.

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